Wind Energy to Take U.S. By Storm

The US Department of Energy released a report today that documents the rapid adoption of wind technology in the past few years, and the prospect for generating 35% of the nation’s electricity from wind by the year 2050. The report demonstrates that despite uncertainty regarding Government support for wind energy and the ongoing heavy subsidization of fossil fuel energy, the ongoing cost decline for wind energy combined with the drive for drive low-carbon sources of electricity grow stronger by the day. This report reaffirms a recent EIA conclusion that onshore wind power in the United States is cheaper than coal-fired electricity in many regions, and, in some cases, is competitive with base load combined cycle natural gas generation.

The report finds that United States could have an installed capacity of 400 GW of wind power by 2050, which would combat climate change by avoiding more than 12.3 billion tons of carbon dioxide emissions, save about 260 billion gallons of water, and produce about $108 billion in healthcare savings and avoided economic damages.