Agenda Before and After Trump

The agenda without Trump

Improve legislation.

Reorganize the regulatory system so that it is multi-media, cross-disciplinary, efficient, and integrated.

Greatly expand resources for the independent science we need done.

Ensure community engagement.

Make our system preventive.

Get the broadest input into rule development.

Use all the tools of governance in a synergistic mix of strategies.

Lead with assistance, partnership, using enforcement as the backup.

Tailor the approach as appropriate to segments and levels.

Use positive incentives to foster the kind of growth we need.

Set as the goal to redesign everything to be within ecosystem limits.

Develop international agreements to stay within planetary boundaries.

Elaborate the expectations of responsibility that apply to individuals and groups.

Improve access to courts.

Redo the class action.

Reinvigorate the common law such it acts as deterrent to public threats.

Apply the public trust doctrine.

Create pathways for public interest advocates to obtain just settlements and distribute awards.

Create compensation systems where fault is too diffuse for fair allocation of liability.

Create fair allocation of liability where identification of specific cause cannot be made.

Eliminate the need for chain of causation proof for inherently dangerous substances and acts.

Provide adequate legal assistance for all.

Ensure adequate knowledge of the law and simplify it so that it can be understood and followed by all.

Use government to pick up orphan share.

Agenda after Trump

Demand the instatement of Merrick Garland.

Use the filibuster.

Muster public opinion in opposition to give-aways of federal land, elimination of regulation, weakening changes in statutes.

Muster public opinion against a narrow interpretation of constitutional principles preventing plaintiffs from having standing, evidence from being presented, and agencies from acting to protect public interest.

Work on the mid-term elections.

Work on voting rights.

Articulate the concept that what makes America great is that we have a government of, by and for the people – and laissez-faire policies are un-American.

Watch carefully everything that the appointees do.

Demand open decision-making and communications.

Demand compliance with ethics rules.

Support free expression of protesters and media, public interest investigation and news.

Connect with those of similar interests to maximize your knowledge and action.

Contact your legislators at all levels to let them know your interest in environmental protection.

Write letters to the editor, send messages on social media, call into talk radio, supporting environmental protection.

Patronize responsible commercial interests and do not patronize those that cause environmental harm.

Fight against forced arbitration.

Invest in socially responsible entities and call for social responsibility where you have any voice to influence investments.

Work to understand the issues and how unnecessary environmental and public health harm can be avoided, and where human rights require greater attention and respect.

Do not run for cover, do not be silent.

Do not join the rush to grab for what you can before it’s gone.

Rick Reibstein