Cutler J. Cleveland (@cutlercleveland) is Professor of Earth and Environment at Boston University.  Dr. Cleveland’s interests span the interconnections among energy, society, and the environment.  He studies energy transitions: particularly significant changes to the patterns of energy supply and/or energy use in a society that are accompanied by transformative cultural, economic, demographic, technological, and environmental changes. He is also interested in the net energy and life cycle analysis of conventional and alternative energy systems. @cutlercleveland

Nathan Phillips is Professor of Earth and Environment at Boston University.   His research focuses on physiological mechanisms that regulate water, carbon, and energy exchanges between plants/ecosystems and the environment, especially in the context of environmental change.  More recently, this research has been translated to studies of the ecology “in cities”, and the ecology “of cities”, in an interdisciplinary research program called “Urban Metabolism” supported by the National Science Foundation and Boston University’s Sustainable Neighborhood Laboratory.

Rick ReIbstein is a Lecturer in the Department of Earth and Environment at Boston University at Boston University. Mr. Reibstein is interested in issues relating to the improvement of environmental governance: effective ways to assist people (in corporations, schools, agencies, households) in reducing pollution and environmental impact; and efficient ways to regulate to ensure a bottom line of necessary progress.  Mr. Reibstein is also one of the developers of the Toxics Use Reduction program of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts and in that capacity has helped hundreds of facilities to reduce toxics, energy, materials and water use.  He also teaches environmental law and policy at the Harvard Extension School.  Mr Reibstein directs  the Regulated Community Compliance Project, that assists real estate professionals to understand the federal requirements pertaining to lead paint in residences.

Robert K. Kaufmann is Professor of Earth and Environment at Boston University.  Dr. Kaufmann’s research focuses on global climate change, world oil markets, and land-use change.  With regard to world oil markets, I investigate the degree to which oil price changes flow around the world and the degree to which large changes in oil prices are driven by market fundamentals and speculation.  My interests in energy conservation led me to co-found FirstFuel Software, an energy intelligence company that combines data science, building science and software into a unified Software as a Service platform that provides commercial buildings with detailed insights into energy usage – all without setting foot inside the building. This approach greatly reduces the cost of gaining actionable insight into energy consumption and accelerates the rate at which conservation measures reduce energy use, carbon emissions, and save people money.